Notes for Clara R. CAVERLEY

!BIR-MAR-DEATH:   William Day & Dorothy Littlefield;
by Ina Harris Day;  p. 25 to 27.
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Notes for Augustus D. CHADWICK

!BIRTH: V.R. Augusta, Kennebec, ME.
!CENSUS:  U.S.1870; Augusta, Kennebec County, ME.;
Reel 546; Page 90; Lines 34-36.
!DEATHS: V.R. Boston, Suffolk, MA.; Vol.507; Page 458; & Vol.2; Page 531;
Augustus died of Brights Desease; His wife died of Heart & Dropse y.
!PROBATE: Augusta, Kennebec County, ME.; Courthouse; #19935;
Children of Augustus D. & Emma Chadwick were left money;
in Will of their Aunt Mary A. (Day) Rines.
TOWN HISTORY: Winthrop, Kennebec, ME.; Page 345;
by Everett Stockpole.
LAND DEED: Augusta, Kennebec County, ME.; Courthouse;
Grentee; Stephen S. Day; Grantor; Augustus D. Chadwick,
Vol.287; Page 103.
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