Notes for Hattie May DAY

!BIR-MAR-DEATH:   William Day & Dorothy Littlefield;
by Ina Harris Day;  p. 51-53.
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Notes for Helen DAY

!BIR-MAR-DEATH:  William Day & Dorothy Littlefield; 1989;
by Ina Harris Day;  p. 62-63.
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Notes for Henry DAY

Maine Probate Abstracts
York County Vol.14, 1783-1787
Page 837.
Will of Joseph Day;
I Joseph Day of Wells, being weak in body, devises, 17 May 1782;  To my wi fe
Elizabeth all of the household goods, ½  my homestead + ½ a lot of fre sh
meadow adj. to the mill privy of my saw mill on the North Branch of t he
Little River at her disposal, + my riding horse, a cow, and three shee p;   
To my sons, John and Moses Wentworth, five acres of marsh on the Mou sam
River, equally divided;  To my son Joseph Day, a small lot adj.  the w est
side of the mill pond on the branch aforesaid plus 15/;  To my son Ben jamin
Day, my common right lot;  To my son Henry Day, a 44 acre lot adj. t he East
side of the aforesaid mill pond;  To my son Robert Day, 1 /3 of my right in
the saw mill on the North branch of Little Rive r;   To my daughters, Lucy
Gray, and Hannah Shackford, L4 L.M. eac h;  To my grand children, Josiah 
Norton and Betty Norton, 5/ eac h;  To my son Moses Wentworth Day, ½ my home
place + half ½ the fresh mead ow adj,  the above mill privy. and + my stock,
husbandry tools and other e st. not disposed of.   Const. sons John, Joseph,
Moses Wentworth Day Execu tors.
Witnesses; Joshua Goodwin, Ebenezer Littlefield, John Wheelwrigh t.       
Probated in Biddeford 16 Oct.1783.
!MARRIAGE:  1st. V.R. Book; 1619-1809; Wells, York, ME.;
by Joseph P. Thompson.
Family Records of Kennebunk, York, ME.; by William Thompson;
Typed by Ted Wells; 1928;  Vol.1;  Pages 325-326;
Joseph & Patience Day;  ME.Hist.Society Library;
Portland, Cumberland, ME.
The Day Genealogy; 1989; by The Day Family Ass; p.382;
Library; Bangor, Cumberland, ME.
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