Notes for Mary H. DAY

!MARRIAGE: V.R. Jefferson, Lincoln, ME; by William Day.
!CENSUS: U.S.1850: Jefferson, Lincoln County, ME.; Reel 260.
!CENSUS:  U.S.1870; Augusta, Kennebec County, ME.;
Reel 546; Page 90; Lines 30-36.
!CENSUS:  U.S.1880; Winthrop, Kennebec County, ME;
Reel 482; Dist.1; Page 20.
!CHURCH RECORDS: 1st.Baptist Church; Jefferson, Lincoln, ME.
!WILL:  Estate of Isreal Day; Appointment of Adm.;
Kennebec County Courthouse; Book 153; Page 214.
!DEATH: V.R. Augusta, Kennebec, ME.; Page 281
!OBITUARY: Kennebec Journal 23 Mar.1883; Augusta, Kennebec, ME.
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Notes for Mary Isabel DAY

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