Notes for Matilda Caroline DAY

!BIR-MAR-DEATH:   William Day & Dorothy Littlefield: 1989;
by Ina Harris Day;  p. 42-46.
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Notes for Maurice N. DAY

!BIRTH-MAR:  Genealoical & Family History of NH;
Compiled by Ezra S. Stearns;
Vol.1; p.260-261.
!DEATH:   History of Stratford, Coos, NH; 1925;
by Jannette R. Thompson;  p. 368-369.
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Notes for Mehitable DAY

!BIR-DEATH:  Day Genealogy; by The Day Family Ass. 1989;
Library; Bangor, Penobscot, ME; p.381-382.
The following lot was discovered by Roger Gonville of Kenne— bunk, and t he
inscriptions transcribed by John E. Frost. It does not appear in the Sa co
(Maine) Record Book (1970). This lot is located in Alewife, about ~0O f t. NE
of Rte. 35 and about one mile S of the bridge over theKennebunk Riv er at Day
s Mills. It is c. 400 ft. NE of the residence of Dan Fleishma n. The
dead—end spur drive leads from Rte 35 at postal box 1968. This l ot is at
the edge of a field. Stone Dosts are standing for a fence th at is largely in
ruins. Day, Capt. Stephen, d. July 6, 1864, aged 85 yr s. 8 mos.
Daniel, d. Sept. 1829, aged 24
Miriam, d. June 18, 1822, aged 14
Hannah, w. of Capt. Stephen Day, d. Oct • 30, 1833, aged 52.
Albert, s. of Capt. Stephen & Cynthia Day, d • June 18, 1855, aged 3 yr s.
10 mos. 20 das.
Dimon W., s. of Capt. Stephen & Cynthia Day, d. Mar. 20, 1862, aged 4 yr s. 6
Mehitable. dau. of Ebenezer & Mehitable Day,d. May 4. 1818 in the
Mrs. Miriam. w. of Ehenezer Day,and dau. of Stephen La—— Mehetab le • w.
of Ebenezer Day, d. Nov. 10 (or 30). 1845,
aged 92 yrs. 6 moB. 10 das.
Ebenezer, d. Jan. l6~183 5  aged 83
Outside the fèñce are three other graves:
Day, Jane, dau. of Sergeant P. & Jane , d • Feb. 23, 1849, aged 7 yrs.
William, s. of Sergeant P. & Jane Day, d. May 3, 1849, aged 10 yrs. 9 mo s. 17
...tiss... d. ... 31, 1843, aged 22 mos.
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