Notes for Hannah HODSDON

Back page of letter written by Benjamin Day of Waterborough,York, ME to Ja mes
B. Day of South Wrentham, MA. Dated 1845.
"Death:  Isreal Day's wife is dead, she died the 19 of Mach 1844."
James B. Day,1835-1911 was her son.
Daniel Day, who married 30 Apr.1829, Keziah Carpemter, was the son of Samu el
Day and Sarah Wakefield, all of Waterborough,York, ME.
Subject; Benjamin Day letter to Brother James B. Day,  Waterboro, York, ME .
Waterboro, Dec.3 1848.
Brother and Sister, it has been a long time since I saw you.  I thoug ht I
would write a few lines to inform you that your friends is all wel l, except
DANIEL has been sick two years, he is in consumption.  Since I w as here, I
work in Salem, Lexington, and Brighton.  I would be very gl ad to come and see
you, but I couldn’t make it convenient.
James, we have built a large barn, sixty feet long, and thirty seven fe et
wide, and cut it full of hay.  We keep twenty head of oxen’s, cows, ste ers,
and heifers. One horse.
THEODORE has bought him a farm, and moved away, he bought in Waterboro.  I
SREAL has bought the old place, and moved on to it.   I want you to wri te as
soon as you get this letter, let me know how you are getting alon g.  I want
to hear from you all very much.   I have nothing more to wri te in particular.
I give my love to you all.
This is from your Brother Benjamin Day
To James B. Day
Death;  Isreal Day’s wife is dead. She died 19, March 1844.
Address to;   Mr. James B. Day of South Wrentham MA
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