Notes for Elizabeth Jane HUSTON

"History of Richland County." Richland Co., Ohio Historical Information. A J.
Baughman. CHAPTER III. Jefferson Township.
"A half mile below Bellville there was a sawmill and a carding mill owned  by
John LeFever, one of the pioneers of the township.  These mills were
successfully operated for many years.  Mrs. LeFever whose maiden name was
Huston, came to Bellville with her parents in 1813, when there were but four
buildings in the town, and one of those a blockhouse  She was then 6 years
old.  Mr. And Mrs. LeFever were the parents of Mrs. M. M Sheidley, of Chicago,
O., and of J. M. LeFever, of Garrett, Ind., and of Samuel LeFever, who lives
on the old homestead.  These have other brothers and sister living, of whom
mention would be made did space permit."
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