Notes for Rachel Phelan LEFEVER

According to the marriage certificate of Rachel and Thomas, her name was
spelled "Rachael Lefever."
According to Richard Day, the spelling of Rachel's last name was LeFevre.
Funny family story told by Elizabeth "Betty" Weber: Rachel cooked and served a
dead groundhog that she found on the road.
Rachel & Thomas were the probable original owners of the cherry cupboard,
presently owned by Richard and Mary Day. They probably received it as a
wedding gift from their parents (the Lefevers?). Cornelia Coral Moore
inherited it from her parents Rachel & Thomas. Following Cornelia's death,
Ralph R. Day inherited it from Cornelia (known to Ralph Day's son, Richard, as
"Aunt Neil"). Richard Day can't remember if Ralph had to go to Bellville, Ohio
to get it, or had it shipped to Cleveland. Ralph stripped it (had been
painted) and refinished it to its present condition. A story about the
restorations was that it had bad stains/marks from a wash basin hung on one
side that Ralph had to work very hard on removing. Inherited from Ralph by
Richard and Mary Day.
Could Rachel Phelan LeFever have been named for her father's first wife Rachel
(but the entry of the last name for the first wife is spelled Phelen)?
Per the 1880 census, Rachel ran a boarding house. Two persons were listed as
living there: 1) Eli Hess, single male, 29, a music teacher, whose parents
were both born in PA, and 2) Benjamin J. Kuhn, single male, 29, attorney at
law, whose parents were both born in PA.
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