Notes for Ray BACHELOR

Ray was born at his parents' home (Denna's first house).

When Ray was a baby (possibly premature?), he wasn't breathing, so they dipped
him in cold water, then warm water to make him gasp and then breathe.

His head was so small that a teacup would fit over his head.

His mother got really sick after he was born. Ray was sent to live with Aunt
Maggie (Belva's sister) and Uncle Harry Henry, and lived with them until he
started school. Per Carol, Aunt Maggie was rather dominant and unwilling to
give him back to his mother.

Per Carol, her Ava and Ray were married at the end of May, 1942 (Janet
Bachelor Jobes' notes say 5-30-1941)

They lived in LaPorte, IN where Ray got a job.

When they lived in Canton, OH - Ray got his draft notice. They moved all of
their furniture back to Stockport for storage (Uncle Harry's shed).

Carol's mom Ava had a job/lived in Lancaster while Ray was in the service.

When Carol was about one, Ray, Ava, and Carol went to live with Denna (Denna's
second house; wife Belva was deceased) to take care of Denna. They later moved
to Ray and Ava's house around November 1951, before Ron was born.
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