Notes for Mary Magdalene BUMGARDNER

!He was named for his grandfather, Humphrey Keyes, his mother's father who was
"lost" at se a only to return and find his first wife married to another. 
This grandfather married second , Sarah Hall, who became the mother of Sarah
Keyes and and grandmother to Humphrey Keyes Whit e.

Humphrey Keyes White was 18 years old when he migrated with his parents and
two or three sist ers and brothers to Belmont County, Ohio in the year 1816.

Humphrey and his brother John came to Morgan County, Ohio in 1823 and built a
mill with two r uns of stones at Big Ludlow, six miles below McConnelsville on
the west side of the Muskingu m river.  The land on which the mill was built
is now owned by Kate and J. Harrey Henery.  Th s land was deeded by Thoma
Devin and wife to John White, April 20, 1830 and by John White an d Elizabeth
Ann White to Humphrey K. White and Richard McPeak on November 9, 1835.

By a wing dam the current was concentrated on a reaction wheel for each run,
and on one fo r a carding machine opeerated by S,. M. Dyke.  The mill was kept
in operation til 1840.

In 1853 Humphrey Keyes White lived in Leesburgh (Leeville), Carrol lCo., Ohio
on town lots 5 , 8 and 17 formerly belonging to his father, Captain Thomas

Mary Magdalene, who bore his second five children, died in 1883, just two
weeks after the dea th of Humphrey Keyes White....
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