Notes for Asa Percival CHEADLE

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!Revolutionary Soldiers 1175-1783....Asa Cheadle from Morgan Co., Ohio  Has a
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Notes for Asa Percival CHEADLE

A newspaper article with his picture was found at Marietta Ohio on 30 Oct
2001..when searchin g records there with James Mattis, nephew.

The following is the article rec'd at the Library from Michael Manker, RR 1 Bx
89, Indianola , NE 69034:

Asa Cheadle was born in Morgan Co, Ohio, May 15, 1822 of Yankee parents who
came to Ohio fro m Vermont a short time after the REvolutionary War.  His
boyhood days were spent on a farm ne ar the Muskingum river.  His favorite
pasttimes in summer were fishing, boating and swimming .  He loved to skate in
the winter time.

Being among the younger children of a large family, he attended school quite
regularly durin g winter in the log school house.  The teacher boarded among
the scholars and received the me ager sum of four and five dollars a month
according to the number of scholars.  it was in th e days when the subjects
were spelling, reading, writinga and arithmetic, taught to the tun e of a
hickory stick.

He mad several trips to New Orleans on a flat boat.  It was loaded with grain,
meat and othe r produce.  He made his first trip when he was only 20 years

!In 1846 he met Miss Anna Darnell at a party, who became his wife December 14,
1848.  He is t he father of six children, three of them dying in infancy.

In September 1864 he emigrated to Linn Co, Iowa, via the prairie schooner
route, where he the n engaged in farming. He made this place his home until
the fall of 1887 when he moved to Woo druff, Phillips County, Kansas, where he
again engaged in farming until old age compelled hi m to retire.

With most people of his age, it would be hard to number the miles traveled by
railroad.  In h is case it is not hard to tell, for the limit of his travels
were from Woodruff to Long Islan d, not wanting to wait for the train to come
back he walked home and beat the iron horse.  H e has traveled many miles in
the automobiles having had the pleasure of riding in one of th e first ones in
the county.

Now at almost 95 he enjoys good health, but his eye-sight has been very poor
for the past fou r years, which deprives him of the greatest joys of life, for
he has been a great reader, bu t he cannot be fitted with glasses any more. He
retains his mental faculties well.

He and his wife were both members of Evangelical church of Woodruff.  He is
still a member o f good standing.  His wife no longer belongs to the church
militant, but went on to join th e church triumphant about ten years ago

His sons John d, born february 14, 1850 and Whetzel born March 28, 1865,
Nellie Fitzgarrald b orn Feruary 23, 1864, these still live to cheer him in
his old age.

He has 12 grandchildren and four great grandchildren.
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Notes for Augustus CHEADLE

Augustus acquired land in Vermillion Co., Indiana from his father's estate May
2, 1837 and so ld out to his bother, Roswell, Augusst 16, 1837.  The family
evidently moved to Barry shortl y after.  After his wife died, Augustus broke
up housekeeping ad placed his children in vario us families.
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