Notes for Christopher Columbus CHEADLE

!They lived at Bartlett, Ohio for several years.  In 1854 Columbus bought a
farm near Roxbury , Ohio.  He taught school in Washington and Morgan Counties,
Ohio from 1850 to 1865.  In 186 0 he was elected a commissioner of Morgan
County anf filled that office during the Civil War.

Canfield Book....In October 1902, Cary Roger Frisbey of La Grange, Indiana,
son of Mary Ann V an Clief and John Frisbey, visited the Cheadle family at
Waterford, Ohio.  At tht time, the y were the only first cousins living, who
were grandchildren of Peter and Mary Ann Van Clief .  In the summer of 1906
Colum, his wife and daughter, Dove, visitd the Frisbey family at L a Grange,
Indiana.  In October 1910, Frances Frisbey, daughter of Cary Roger Frisbey
visite d the Cheadle family in Waterford and other relatives nearby where much
family history was ac quired.
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