Notes for Cutler Chester CHEADLE

!History of Morgan County, Ohio says the following:  Cutler Cheadle was born in
Morgan Count y in 1814.  His father was one of the early settlers of Windsor
Twp, and removed to Marion Tw p in 1821.  They lived in the cabin of pioneer
days, with puncheon floor and a square hole fo r a window.  Wolves, bears,
wild turkeys and deer were nmerous.  Mr. Cheadle can recollect th e time when
it took a bushel of wheat to buy a yard of calico, and says that a family who
cou ld indulge in the extravagance of a quarter of a pound of tea was thought
to be wealthy.  I n 1834 Mr. Cheadle was married to Miss Harriet Barnett.  She
died in April, 1885.  She was th e mother of two children, Hannah and Thomas,
both deceased....

So no mention of the two children that I had listed for them......Willard
Preston and Willard , both born in 1862, supposedly.....
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