Notes for Anthony DAY

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Died at the age of 90.   (Genealogical Dictionary of First Settlers of New

Came to the U.S. in 1635 in the ship "PAULE"

The name Day is common in middle and central England

Day, Anthony (1617-1707), from Eng. in the "Paul", 1635; an original settler
at Loeminster, M ass.; later Salem and Ipswich.   (Compendium, First Families
in America - Virkus)

Day, Anthony b. abt 1624-27, worked about the mills in Exeter several yrs. ab.
1653.  See Coe .  At clouc, he had 'contracted' to Susan Matchett in 1649,
later at Ipsw. (marshal's deput y in 1660) and back to Glouc., where he d. 23
Apr 1707 'aged 90'   (Generalogical Dictionar y of Maine & New Hampshire)

6 Feb 1635. In the Paule of London, Leonard Betts, master.  Bopund for
Virginea, p. certifica te from the Minister of Gravesend of their conformitie
to the Church of England.   Anthony da y years old 22.  (Our Early Emigrant
Ancestors  The Original Lists of Persons of Quality Fro m Great Britain to the
American Plantations)

Anthony Day, Of Cloucester, Mass, Born about 1624/27, Ipswich, Eng; died April
23, 1707, Glou cester, Mass., aged 90; Proprietor of Gloucester, befrore 1645;
he claimed to be 36 years ol d in 1660 and 37 in 1663 and 80 in 1695; he
defended Susanna Matchett's good name in court; m arried about 1650, Susannah
MATCHETT of Gloucester, Mass., a servant to William Vinson, who s landered
her..  (Some Ancestral Lines of Tingley and Meyers)
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Notes for Ezekiel DAY

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Ezekiel, he was one of the witness 15 july 1692, to the invasion by the French
or Ind. or Dev ils, whose story is in its proper place in Mather, Magn. VII.  
(Genealogical Dictionary of t he First Settlers of New England)
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