Notes for Sarah FELLOWS

Sarah and Ephraim Ellis were living in Woodstock, VT, at the time of the 1790
Census.  They moved from Vermont to Ohio in 1817.  This may have been as a
result of the disasterous weather that occurred in New England the previous
year.  Known as the "year without a summer", 1816 in Vermont resulted in 20
inches of snow and sleet in june, cold nights in July and August, a summer
drought, and killing frosts in September.  This combined to wipe out almost
the crops and to kill thousands of livestock.  It was believed that the
eruption of the Tambora volcano in Indonesia in 1815 was the cause.  There was
a wave of migration to Ohio the next year.

Her tombstone reads, "In Memory of Sarah Ellis Wife of Ephraim Ellis Who
Departed This Life Apr 23, 1847 AE 75 YS 11 DS."

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