Notes for John Riley HALE

From typed notes of Dorothy Hale Weber:
Shocking Accident
Sixteen-year-old Boy Killed by a Falling Tree

John Riley Hale, the sixteen-year-old son of Mr. Louis [sic] Hale who resides
on the farm of John Lightner, near Wolf Creek, this county, was killed by
accident on Saturday, December 10th. The young man was engaged in felling a
tree, assisted by Mr. Yarnell who lives on the place formerly owned by Senaca

The two were pushing against the tree with poles in order to make it fall in
the position desired. Hale's pole slipped and he fell forward under the tree,
which, in descending, fell across his breast.

Mr. Yarnell extricated him inmmdiately, but the boy's head had been fearfully
crushed and he lived but a few minutes.

The funeral occured Sunday, December 11th, burial in the Fairview Cemetery.
The victim, born February 13, 1882, was a well liked young man and a member of
the U. B. Church of Oak Hill. The family have the sympathy of the entire

A younger son of Mr. Hale is quite ill of fever.

In Memory of John Riley Hale

He has gone, our dear young friend,
To his home in heaven above,
And we know that now by the Father's throne
He basks in the sunlight of love.

With a crown of gold on his young brow,
With a harp in his sinless hand,
The angels have taught to this dear boy
Far more than we understand.

He has entered into the heavenly fold,
Has drunk of the stream of life,
And bears the angels' beautiful song
In the land where there is no strife.

He is happy now, we must grieve no more
For it is the Father's will.
And we know when we enter the pearly gates
We will know and love him still.

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