Notes for Eliezer LURVEY

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Eleazar Lurbey settled in the south part of Barnard, Bermont.  On 20 January
1778, he bough t one hundred acres of land.  He sold this land to his son,
Peter, on January 12, 1784.  Acco rding to the notes of William Newton, who
authored the History of Barnard, Vermont, the nam e Lurvey, is probably a
derivation of the name "Loeve"' commonly found among some Jewish fami lies in
eastern Germany.  It is thought that one of the early Lurvey's emmigrated to
Americ a from Archangel, Russia.  Mr. Newton quoted from a "Dr. W.A. Dewey who
rendered valuable ass istance in tracing this family."  One of the descendants
of Moses Lurvey (my line), a Truma n Tunney Churchg, however, states that the
name is Scottish.   (Source: William D. Newton, Hi story of Barnard Vermont
with Family Genealogies)
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Notes for Job LURVEY

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Name spelled as  LURVEY - LAUGHTON - LAUGTON

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Notes for Mary LURVEY

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First name spelled also as Margaret

Name spelled also as LURVEY - LAUGHTON - LAUGTON
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