Notes for Thomas MCDERMOTT

!Accoring to inf from Capt Thomas White book, Thomas McDermott married
Henrietta Abbott i n a double wedding with James A. Taggert and Laura White. 
The grooms were first cousins, a s well as were the brides.

Thoma McDermott was a son of an Irish emigrant, Patrick McDermott, who came to
America, a pol itical refugee, in about 1815.  He was born in Hagerstown, Md.
on March 1, 1825.  After the d eath of his father, in 1831, he was placed in
the home of an uncle, Arthur Taggert, a brothe r of his mother, Hannah...

Thomas McDermot became a bookkeeper in early life and in 1849 joined in the
"gold rush" to Ca lifornia.  After returning to Stockport, he with three other
Morgan county boys, marched afoo t across the plains from St. Joseph, Missouri
to Denver, Colorado, during the Gold Rush to Pi kes Peak.

In early 1860's he was treasurer of O. M. Lovell & Company building and
operating an oil refi nery at Stockport.  During later years was  farming in
Windsor and Marion Twps., Morgan Count y.
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