Notes for James Franklin WALLACE

!James was a flight surgeon and served three years in Europe during World War
II.  He was hur t in the Battle of France and this was the cause of his death
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Notes for James W WALLACE

The 1850 Census shows James and Samantha living in Roxbury Twp., Washington
Co., OH. (Roxbury is now in Morgan Co.). By 1870 they were living in Windsor
Twp., Morgan Co. next to their son, James A. Wallace. In 1880, Samantha was
still living next to James A. In the 1880 Census, she gave her father's
birthplace as VT and her mother's as PA.
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Notes for Jane WALLACE

Ceremony performed by Daniel Roach, Justice of the Peace, Morgan Co.

On 1 Aug 1862, Jane, then a resident of Adams Twp., Washington Co., OH,
for a widow's pension (on her husband's service) under the 14 Jul 1862 Act of
Congress, and made affadavit that she was 48 years old.

!MARRIAGE:Marriage Record for Morgan County, Ohio, Volume A

Maydell Alderman; ; ; ; ;
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