Notes for Gershom Franklin WHITE

!He was the leading authority in this country of diseases, other than fungi,
which affect ins ects.  He was an expert Entomologist and a great scientist. 
He received a B. S. Degree fro m Ohio University in 1901.  He received a PH.D.
Degree in 1905 at Cornell.  In 1909 he reciev ed a degree of M. D. from George
Washington University.  He did additonal graduate work at Jo hn Hopkins
Univrsity and at a University in Freiburg, Germany.  From 1903 to 1906 while
conti nuing research on diseases of bees he served as instructor in
comparative bacteriology at Cor nell University.  He entered the service of
the United Stqtes Department of Agriculture in 19 06 as insect pathologist. 
With the exception of the period, October 18 to December 27, 191 8 when he
served in the United States Army as Captain in the Medical Corps, he continued
wit h the Department of Agriculture where most of his noteable work on
diseases of the honehy bee s was done.  He is buried in Arlington National
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