Notes for Martha Ellen WHITE

At the age of twenty-one years on 1 sep 1850, she married Dr. John Warren
White, who was the n thirty-one years of age.  Dr. J. W. White was a physician
and surgeon and proprietor of a d rug store on Main Street in Stockport, Ohio. 
He was not a descendant of Captain Thomas White .  Dr. White was born in
Marietta, Ohio on November 3, 1819 and moved to Morgan County, Ohi o in 1825,
locating at Big Bottom.  He practiaced medicine in Stockport from 1848 until
he re tired in 1867.

Martha Ellen White died 10 Dec 1857.  Dr. White married second Mary Wade. (who
was Mary Eddle blute and after Dr. White died she married Rev. Wade)  D. White
died 2 Feb 1875.

The well marked graves of Dr. and Martha Ellen White are adjacent to the Capt.
I. N. HKook mo nument in the "Brick Church" cemetery along the Musingum River
between Stockport and McConnel sville, Ohio
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